Oklahoma Willy

A Perrywinkle Customs Project


1978 VW type 2 Transporter pick up. Originally registered in Oklahoma
and spent all its life on a farm carting bales of straw.
The farmer's name was Wiley and so came the name "Oklahoma Willy". 


The engine:

Brand new 1955ccLongblock built in California by Chico Performance Racing  












 1. 76cc Chevy journal C.W Crankshaft forged DPR 8 dowel

2. New Case AS41 Open to 92mm taped for full flow.

3. H-Beams 5.325 Chevy journal

4. TM10 camshaft  Norris racing Lifters.

5. Aluminum stock cam gear

6. German forged reground flywheel 8 dowel.

7. Gene Berg Chromoly racing Gland nut (torque to 550lbs)

8. 8mm chromoly head studs (made for Chico performance only)

9. 90.5mm  B Mahale pistons/cylinders with Grant rings.

10. NEW heads with 35.5X32 stainless steel valves 3/8 chromoly push rods

with C.W.P round port N polished intake and exhaust port chamber work 4 angle comp valve job.

11. Stainless steel windage push rod tubes.

12. German powder coated valve covers with H.D bails.

13. 26mm H.D oil pump modified for full flow

14. Dynamically Balancing Crank,Rods,Pistons,Flywheel,Pressure plate,Front

15. Sachs pressure plate and disk.


For those interested here is a full list of the restoration work carried out :


Panels replaced


Long side panel

Short side panel

Rear corners x 2

Front floor repair panels

Accelerator cable tube

Clutch cable tube

Handbrake cable tubes x 2

Rear centre chassis section

Cargo floor heavy duty

Floor between rear arches

Floor support top hat section x2

Floor support top hat section boxed off

Outriggers x4

Horizontal panel support

C pillar x 2

D pillar x 2

B pillar x 2

Front panel

Headlamp bowls

Inner front valance £

Valance brackets x 2

A pillars x2

Outer front valance

Complete front wheel arch x 2

Battery tray

Platform tray

Outer sill

Engine bay side gusset x 2

Engine bay side plates

Engine lid hinge panel

Engine lid

Rear valance

Forward closing panel x 2

Rear closing panel

Rear wheel tubs

Inner sill


Treasure chest door

Door skins lower x 2

Front wheels tubs x 2


Creative Engineering parts:

Front air beam complete kit

Tie rods

Steering rack kit

Indicator switch

Rear air IRS kit

Twin compressors with touchpad

Exo mounting system for Compressors

Power supply for compressors

Indirect servo kit

Master cylinder

Hydraulic clutch

Front disc brake kit. Cross drilled, grooved and vented

Rear disc kit

Front safaris kit

Polished window frames

Bronze glass.


Other new parts

Steering wheel & Boss

New loom

Fuel tank

Stainless bed

Gear linkage shift rods & couplings

Spindles reconditioned & dropped

Buttys bits throttle kit

Rancho Freeway Flyer gearbox

Bug Tech shifter

Smiths digital speedo and gauges.

Luke 3” FIA harnesses

Full roll cage

17” Fuchs Chrome wheels

185/35/17 Nangkang tyres

US spec Stainless bumpers





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