Oklahoma Willy

A Perrywinkle Customs Project

Volkswagen Type II flatbed pickup truck


This VW flatbed pickup truck was built for the us market and exported into Oklahoma U.S.A.
Registered in 1958 it spend the majority of it's life carting straw on a farm in Oklahoma.
The farmer that owned the pick up was called Whiley and hence the truck's name Oklahoma Willy.
The truck was imported to UK early 2013.

Volkswagen light trucks and the US Chicken Tax

Certain models of the Volkswagen Type 2 played a role in a historic episode during the early 1960s, known as the Chicken War. France and West Germany had placed tariffs on imports of U.S. chicken. Diplomacy failed,and in January 1964, two months after taking office, President Johnson imposed a 25% tax (almost ten times the average U.S. tariff) on potato starch, dextrin, brandy, and light trucks.

The Chicken Tax directly curtailed importation of German-built Type 2s in configurations that qualified them as light trucks – that is, commercial vans (panel vans) and pickups.

Below- A restored Type 2 pickup

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