Oklahoma Willy

A Perrywinkle Customs Project




Oklahoma Willy will be appearing at Santa Pod Raceway on the following dates -


19th / 21st April          Festival of Power           http://www.santapod.co.uk/festivalofpower.php


17th / 19th May           Big Bang                        http://www.big-bang.co.uk


 2nd June                   Das Auto Show              http://www.dasautoshow.co.uk/index.php


16th June                  Retro show                      http://www.retroshow.co.uk


26/28nd July              Bug Jam                           http://www.bugjam.co.uk/index.php


26th October             Flame & Thunder              http://www.santapod.co.uk/flameandthunder


Other confirmed dates in our calendar -


28th / 30th June                                European Bug -  CHIMAY in Belgium                https://www.europeanbugin.com/


16th / 18th August                            Nitrolympix - Hockenheim Germany                 www.nitrolympx.de


30th August / 1st September           Truckfest  -   Bath UK                                        http://www.truckfest.co.uk/whats-on-shepton/4594051415




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